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Why should I use Kiip?

There are many benefits to using Kiip to store digital copies of your documents. Here are a few:

First, Kiip gives you a free, safe, and secure place to store digital copies of your most vital documents. If you lose an important document like your ID, birth certificate, or social security card, replacing it can take anywhere from 2 days to 8 weeks and may cost up to $80. If you have a digital copy, often, this process can be more seamless, and you can use the digital copy to apply for public benefits and services.

Second, Kiip ensures the information you upload is safe by ensuring your documents go through several levels of encryption in transit (going to and from your device and Kiip) and at rest (when stored in Kiip) just to be stored in our data vault. While we keep your information safe, we also cannot see your documents. Since we can't see your documents, we also can't hand over your information to law enforcement, even if subpoenaed, simply because we don't have access to them. For more about our safety and security, click here.

Third, Kiip makes it easier than ever to get the help you need as you navigate the process of applying for public benefits and services by allowing you to recruit a team to help. Our Rooms will enable you to share documents, chat, and collaborate with your case manager in real-time. You can also add Assistants who may have copies of your documents or be helping you, and they can reach out your case manager on your behalf. The documents you've shared, your conversations, and everything about your application all live in one place on the Kiip platform that is always accessible from wherever you are.