Kiip takes security seriously. We employ best practices to ensure data is always safe and private when using Kiip.

First, we encrypt all data both in transit (going to and from your device and Kiip) and at rest (when stored in Kiip). To check that your connection is secure, look for the little padlock symbol in the address bar of your browser when using Kiip. That’s the guarantee that your connection is private and secure.

Second, the encryption we use when information is stored is AES-256 encryption. You’ll see this referred to as “military-grade” encryption by some companies because it is the encryption standard approved by the National Security Agency to protect information classified as “Top Secret” in the government. That’s just a marketing term, and we try to avoid marketing-speak so you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Third, the only people capable of seeing your documents on Kiip are you and those you’ve shared with. We at Kiip cannot see your documents. This means that even if someone managed to get ahold of one of our administrative accounts - and we have a lot of protocols and controls in place to prevent that - they still couldn’t see any user’s private information. Even if we were subpoenaed for user documents, we couldn’t hand it over because we simply don’t have access to it. Only users who have uploaded documents, or those they’ve shared access with, can see the content of those documents.A few more points on our security practices:

  • Kiip has no access to anyone’s username or password, but in the event of an emergency, we can delete an account or force a password reset.

  • We ask that organizations always encourage best practices around password management. If passwords needed to be reset for any reason, we have the ability to trigger that, and those affected would receive notice from the system.

  • Kiip’s relationship with an organization that uses our service is governed by our Terms of Use ( We carry full Cyber Insurance.

What can you do for security?

Please don’t share your login with anyone! We have tools for users to share documents using Kiip, including inviting Assistants to help manage an individual’s account. If you need to share access to documents in Kiip, please use those tools so that each of you has your own separate username and password.

Please don’t reuse the same password that you’re using somewhere else for your Kiip account. The best practice is to use a password manager, but if you don’t have one, a great way to come up with a very strong password that’s memorable is to use a three or four word/number phrase. For example, you could use your favorite tree, the year you finished 8th grade, your favorite planet, and your favorite sports team with a special character like “_” or “-” between the words which would create a password something like “Oak_1989_Earth_Giants” but would be totally unique to you. That’s a pretty darn good password.

Please contact for any questions or reach out to your team’s customer success manager.